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Second Quest is the first graphic novel from the artist-writer team of David Hellman and Tevis Thompson.  Their collaboration was made possible by 1,594 backers who funded their Kickstarter campaign in late 2012.

David is best known as the visual artist of the acclaimed indie videogame Braid and co-creator of the "cult classic" web comic A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible.  He's been publishing comics for a decade, but Second Quest is his first long-form work.  

Tevis is an independent writer and critic.  He's best known for incisive, iconoclastic essays such as "Saving Zelda" and "On Videogame Reviews".

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“A frightening, Zelda-inspired fable”
- Evan Narcisse, Kotaku
“Questions the foundations of gaming culture”
- Carolyn Petit, KQED
“Both a brilliant graphic novel and one of the smartest pieces of media criticism I've read in a long time”
- Julie Muncy, VICE
“If you’re a gamer, get this book.  If you’re a comics person, get this book.  If you’re into the darker side of religion and folklore, get this book.  If you’re into feminism, gender politics, and the deconstruction of gendered tropes, then by all means, get this book.”
- Kathryn Hemmann, Contemporary Japanese Literature

Hardcover edition


• 102 story pages
• Full color
• Appealing book-shaped object
• Place on shelf with your favorite quests

Digital e-Book


• Download and begin reading right away
• PDF format, 171.9 MB
• Backlit screens produce vivid colors
• Enjoy on your tablet, Mac, or PC